4-day workshop copenhagen

with Liane Barker of the brush and pen studio (aus)

Liane Barker (Australia) and Veronika  (Denmark) are two very experienced female professionals in the field of Signwriting and Gold Leaf and are teaming up to deliver an introduction to traditional brush and gold leaf techniques this October in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This new four-day workshop will teach participants the related skills of signwritten lettering and gilding. The techniques will be introduced through the development of two hands-on projects, one will be a water gilded reverse glass piece with blended shades and the other a custom timber decorative hand signwritten panel. 

One on one support from both tutors will ensure that every participant is given plenty of personal attention and guidance, allowing them to develop at the pace and level that best suits them. The workshop is therefore suitable for both newcomers to the trade, and those with prior experience.

Veronika will teach the ancient art of reverse glass gilding. Students will work on a gilded house number and will cover all the basic topics of the craft such as: laying the gold correctly, matte and shiny effects and reverse glass shading.

Each day will see all projects develop a little further and will be worked on in parallel to each other.


The decorative timber panel will be taught by Liane where you will begin with learning basic brush techniques and marking out building both letter construction skills and signwriting techniques. As the workshop progresses the design will be transferred to a pre-painted timber panel which will then be embellished with (surface) gold leaf gilding as well as effects created with paint to give a decorative three-dimensional appearance to the final piece.

All materials are included in the cost of the workshop.


Key Facts


About Liane Barker

Liane Barker has been around signwriting since the age of 4 when her father started his own signwriting business in his back yard - you could say she has paint in her veins!!!  

At age 20 Liane became one of only a few female signwriting apprentices and was awarded the highest honour of Top Apprentice for her home state, Queensland, Australia.

Working in her Father’s business, Barker Signs, first as an apprentice and later as a partner, Liane learnt the foundational skills of signwriting as well as a business acumen that has given her a lifelong career in Signage and Design. With a career spanning over 37 years Liane has embraced both traditional and digital technologies in her sign work.

Liane recently returned to her traditional skillset of creating hand painted signage for clients wanting a unique point of difference to showcase their brand.

Liane’s sign work has been showcased internationally in Chicago (2017) and London (2018) where she was the only Australian Signwriter to be featured in both shows. She was also part of the Tactile Mk3 exhibition in London in 2019. 

Having witnessed a serious decline in the formal training of traditional signwriting, Liane’s passion is to pass on her traditional skills through formal tuition, hosted workshops, and longer mentoring programmes to ensure the craft of signwriting continues and good lettering prevails!

Liane joined 14 other invited instructors to run a signwriting and lettering workshop at the Brushmasters Getaway 4 day Signwriting retreat in Colorado USA in July 2019.

Liane founded The Brush & Pen Design Studio in January 2017 offering customised traditional signwriting and gold leaf signage as well as signwriting/lettering workshops from her home-based studio in Gordon Park, Brisbane, Australia.


About Veronika Jørgensen

Veronika started painting letters using traditional signwriting techniques in August 2017. 


Having a background in goldsmithing and graffiti/street art she felt signwriting was the perfect mix of fine craftsmanship and creative lettering design, and it didn’t take long before she literally incorporated gold into her sign works as well. 

Veronika is mostly self taught, since there is nowhere to become a traditional signwriter by trade anymore, but she has attended workshops from some of the greatest in the industry as well as Letterheads events, that is an annual get-together of signwriters and lettering enthusiasts from all over the world. 

So far Veronika Skilte is the only woman-owned and operated sign writing business in Copenhagen. She hopes these workshops will inspire more women to pick up the brush and start painting letters. 

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